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One Piece Chapter 756 Mini-Review: You can ask me anonymous questions, just don't ask me EURonymous questions!

So this week's chapter was pretty good. Of course we're all longing for Sabo vs. Fujitora, but what I find better is the fact that we're getting some pretty good setups to fights/plot progression - a lot more than last week's chapter which was, IMO, utter shit. I'm especially glad we're going to see Robin in some combat pretty soon. It's been like, what? 9 years? If only that nerd Bartolomeo wasn't involved this would be her first one on one fight in a long ass time, IIRC.

Also, as a side note, before this chapter I didn't realize how flippin' tall Diamante was...I mean he's freakin' huge!

So what did you feel about this week's chapter? Loved it? Hated it? Why? Leave opinions below.

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