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Since my last review on this was (predictably) deleted, let's go for round deux.

So the chapter starts off with the setting of Kyros and Diamante's fight, which still has not officially began. Diamante attempts to strike Law and Luffy, but Law Room's them out of Diamante's line of attack. Luffy approaches Rebecca telling her that he's proud that she could meet her dad. Rebecca looks like she's about to cry. AGAIN. This would make it, what? The eighth time this arc has her cry? I really hope she doesn't join the SHs. Anyways, I'm kind of desensitized to her tears by now.

Usopp is pretty badass in this chapter. When Sugar approaches Luffy and Law, Usopp's there from about, say, a kilometer away and dishes out his funniest attack yet. It was fucking hilarious seeing his tatabasco face replicated in one of his techniques. Also on the topic of Usopp, it seems that he is able to use Haki - USOPP, HAKI! Which was a shock to me. I fully expected Zoro and Sanji to have it, but not the weakest crewmember. Does this imply that the rest of them have some form of Haki as well, since Usopp is the weakest by default?

Then comes the pinnacle of the chapter - the ending, oh the ending. Finally Law and Luffy have arrived at the final level and Doflamingo and Trebol are waiting, so it seems like Luffy will face off against Doffy while Law faces against Treb. This actually disappointed me a little bit, because I'd have liked to see a 2 on 1 against Flamingo, but whatever, Trebol needs to have a place too. This should also mean we're getting the Cora-Doffy-Law flashback soon too, hopefully.


Thoughts on the chapter?