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Just say max 2 persons (or you can double vote) that you would want to see as PK (or at least those that would be worthy)

for the sake of everything don't includes the SH please...


Arlong: II (no other votes for Arlong? he would be an awesome PK...)

Doflamingo: III

Crocodile: IIIII IIIII Il

Gaimon: II (well yeah someone had to do it -.-)

Shanks: IIIII II (don't do this to me.....plz?) DONT VOTE!

Jinbe: I

Marco: I

Akainu: I (if you really want why not)

Rayleigh: I

Blackbeard: III

X-Drake: II

Kidd: IIl

Buggy: II (*facedesk*)