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Hey everyone o/

It's about time to show the results~! And for the people that aren't happy the week hasn't passed yet

Most Blog Comments

  1. Indian coffeeshop owner MDM with 11 259 comments >_>
  2. Urgh... Yaoi-loving traitor huge tall gay old pornstar, aka Little Pescy Kid with 4035 comments...
  3. The actual hidden winner, ME~!, with 3333 blog comments \(*^*)/
  4. I did not see that coming! XD Oji-San Ay with 3090 comments! Congratz ^_^
  5. The wicked witch of the east wiki! Neo on this list with 2738 comments! 

Honourable mention: User:Blackendedsoul with 2500+ edits (y)

Most Blog Edits

  1. We start with the one we ended with, congrats to Neo once again with 485 blog edits! 
  2. Love-blocking Soul! with 319 blog edits
  3. Our favourite slut again; SlutDM with 315 blog edits!
  4. The one guy that wasn't allowed to participate >_> STFU LPK with 306 blog edits~
  5. Ay-ji again! With 260 blog edits (y)

Most User Talk Edits

  1. Yay! Pedo-Boo with amazing 2484 talk page edits!
  2. User:Staw-Hat Luffy with 956 talk page edits! Congrats~
  3. Gaylaxy9000 with 642 talk page edits!
  4. Just.... STFU ALREADY! ;_; You took my spot again you Greek ghost >_< LPK with 492 talk page edits...
  5. Me! *^* With 488 talk page edits!

Honourable mention: Cruellja De Ming with 450+ talk page edits

Most Files Uploading (Yay no LPK!)

  1. Gal... he doubled Levi o_o 10 714 edits!
  2. SHL >_> Way too much as well, 5 981 edits!
  3. O.o didn't see that coming! Betsy the cleaning lady with 1270 edits!
  4. Ukn :D with 1258 edits!
  5. The wicked witch of the west wiki.. aka Chubby One with 1108 edits!

Honourable mention: Mr Monkey Dramaqueen Me with 3 file edits >:D

I doubt anyone is interested.. but

Most Article Edits

  1. The article edits... are over 9000! 16 609 to be precise ~_~
  2. CRUELJA IS BACK (pls no dog eating ;_;) with 6723 article edits!
  3. ESSSUUUU TEEEE with 6359 article edits!
  4. LPK... (you again? >_<) With 5824 article edits!
  5. SHL What is it with Greeks and edits? 4 865 edits!

Honourable mention: Zori with a baffling 1 article edit! :D

If you're not in a one of the categories, blame LPK >:D

If you're wondering about the older results;

Well that wraps everything up! Fun tournament ^_^ 

Thanks for participating!