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..2010, 2011, 2012.. I can count!

Hey everyone :)

It's christmas!!!

Which means...
  • There will be a mistletoe hanging above Neo and MDM <3
  • Jade will receive plenty of raw puppy dog meat
  • Ricizucchiuaua will restard his computer
  • LPKYLTHTGOP will be lying in a ditch raped by a weirdo with coffee :D
  • Sara will be (angry0 at her Camel911 old timer which is as lazy as herself
  • Panda will broadcast on TC all drunk
  • Neo is making a new vacuum cleaner
  • X will xail at xailing a xail
  • Tion will sleep with Mega tonight <3
  • Calu will make the chat mutate into a transformer
  • Sff will convert whole wikia into his religion
  • Caring will eat so much chocolate she'll divide by zero!
  • Murry will hippofy himself
  • Franky will suffocate in his p's (make it happen!)
  • Hungry will become the new Eduard Khil
  • MJ will impersonate Santa with his beard~
  • MoM will bleed from his dick again >_>
  • Snipah will bitch about the chat not being lively
  • Gal will work tirelessy for Calu's evil masterplans :D
  • DP will watch the entire Tomas the Tank engine franchise again
  • Ryu will finish the next OP wiki chapter *hint hint*
  • BLS will drink so much milk he'll become like a male Rem
  • Nacchy will stalk Santa for more presents
  • ST will haunt princess Peach
  • And many other things..
So, a HAPPY CHRISTMAS To all of you, for making this wiki so much fun :)

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