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  • The Humaniod Typhoon

    Hey everyone~!

    This time it's my turn to throw all of these very well organized blogs into 

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  • The Humaniod Typhoon

    Hey everyone o/

    It's about time to show the results~! And for the people that aren't happy the week hasn't passed yet

    Most Blog Comments

    1. Indian coffeeshop owner MDM with 11 259 comments >_>
    2. Urgh... Yaoi-loving traitor huge tall gay old pornstar, aka Little Pescy Kid with 4035 comments...
    3. The actual hidden winner, ME~!, with 3333 blog comments \(*^*)/
    4. I did not see that coming! XD Oji-San Ay with 3090 comments! Congratz ^_^
    5. The wicked witch of the east wiki! Neo on this list with 2738 comments! 

    Honourable mention: User:Blackendedsoul with 2500+ edits (y)

    Most Blog Edits

    1. We start with the one we ended with, congrats to Neo once again with 485 blog edits! 
    2. Love-blocking Soul! w…

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  • The Humaniod Typhoon

    Hey everyone~!

    Time for me to do another blue moonly edition of a blog!

    Today I announce you...



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  • The Humaniod Typhoon

    Hey everyone :)

    It's christmas!!!

    To all of you, for making this wiki so much fun :)

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  • The Humaniod Typhoon


    A short fun blog as requested!

    Which OP character do you resemble the most?

    For example:

    • Ay mentally resembles Brook the most (Self fulfilling prophecy?) and physically I have no idea, but according to his description Brook might also fit him in that place XD
    • MDM mentally resembles the monkey on Doma's shoulder and physically resembles the steak on Velgo's jaw

    and so on and so on, make a little list, and if you don't know how someone looks like then make an educated guess (should be fun :D) Now go!

    Now, singing time!

    I see a little silhouetto of a man~ Scaramouch, scaramouch will you do the fandango~

    @MJ: Is this the real life?

    P.S. Sorry for the title... But LPK's ghost possesed me :(

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