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OK, so we all know that in a given anime like this, it's not uncommon for everything to go exactly the way the protagonists need it to, even if it's due to sheer luck.  Arriving at Shells Town just in time to rescue Zoro, arriving at Orange Town just in time to save Nami, arriving at Syrup Village just in time to stop the Black Cat Pirates, arriving at Baratie just in time to stop Don Krieg, arriving at Whiskey Peak just in time to save Vivi, arriving at Little Garden just in time to save Dorry and Brogy, arriving at Drum Kingdom with just enough time to stop Wapol, arriving at Alabasta just in time to save the country, arriving at Skypiea just in time to stop Enel's genocide, arriving at Water 7 just as CP9's mission comes to an end, arriving at Thriller Bark along with get the point.

But what I'm theorizing here is that it was no mere coincidence.  Bartholomew Kuma knew the perfect places to send each of the members of the Straw Hat Pirates in order to increase their power, and Dragon arrived at Loguetown with just enough time to save Luffy from Smoker. I'm going out on a major limb here, but what if the D.'s are the inhabitants of the ancient kingdom from the void century, and some time-based device or Devil Fruit enabled some of them to escape to the future, and then the present, in order to prevent it?  *Shrugs*  Again, a major limb...but I think that it's no coincidence that everything is working out perfectly for the Straw Hats...