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    OK, so we all know that in a given anime like this, it's not uncommon for everything to go exactly the way the protagonists need it to, even if it's due to sheer luck.  Arriving at Shells Town just in time to rescue Zoro, arriving at Orange Town just in time to save Nami, arriving at Syrup Village just in time to stop the Black Cat Pirates, arriving at Baratie just in time to stop Don Krieg, arriving at Whiskey Peak just in time to save Vivi, arriving at Little Garden just in time to save Dorry and Brogy, arriving at Drum Kingdom with just enough time to stop Wapol, arriving at Alabasta just in time to save the country, arriving at Skypiea just in time to stop Enel's genocide, arriving at Water 7 just as CP9's mission comes to an end, arri…

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  • The Dreamer

    CP9's Return

    September 27, 2013 by The Dreamer

    The cover story makes it clear that we haven't seen the last of Lucci and the other assassins.  What I'm curious about is this: if, when we see them again, they reunite with the Straw Hat Pirates, what will happen?  I mean, Spandam may have been the one who made them fugitives, but it was entirely the Straw Hats' fault.  On the other hand, they're on the same side now: against the World Government.  I'm not asking about how their fights with each other would turn out, since we probably know that much already; I'm thinking more along the lines of how their encounter would go.

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  • The Dreamer

    Obviously, we all know by now that Oda never forgets.  I'm curious to see what elements of the story will surface in the second half, and we've got a whole decade to find out.  Some dominant people in my mind are Kuro, Gin (since we all know how hard it is to die in this universe), and Koala, but I've also theorized something odd.  After the time skip, Zoro only sees out of his right eye, and Sanji only sees out of his left.  Does anyone else think that that's going to become significant later on?  Perhaps someone with a Devil Fruit that lets them combine things?  Aside from Wapol, that is...

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