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This is all about the straw hats becoming stronger. I think that with the help of the cooking techniques that Sanji has learn that the straw hats will become stronger faster, a lot faster than their opponents will expect. After all this cooking was good enough so that black leg sanji couldnt stand up to okamas. I was just thinking how did straw hats who havent been physically training like usopp and luffy get stronger. Nami now uses weather balls, Franky has upgrades. Sanji's a better fighter and cook, Zoro can probably uses haki and has stronger flying attacks, as well as more asura techniques. What about Robin, Chopper, and Brook?

I think that Brook's fighting style will be even more based on his musical talents. When the people at his shows were fainting I wondered was it because he's a superstar or is it haki that he doesnt know about yet. I know not likely. But i cant wait to see what king of musical techniques he uses.

I still think that the only change in Robin's fighting style is that she now will be able to use haki.

Chopper is the hardest to guess the most likely guess will be that he has learned how to control monster point or the rumble ball's power will last longer. I have even guessed that monster point once mastered will transform to an awakened zoan but that's where I'm really stumped.

What do you guys think about the Straw Hats new powers?