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Great chapter right everyone, can't wait for next week's chapter. I know why the samurai are at Punk Hazard. They are there to slay the dragon. Ryuma slayed the dragon and the next samurai to do it will get all the prestige he had. Finally a group of samurai have found a dragon and they have been attempting to slay it since.

Then I have tried to channel my inner Oda and guess about that will happen. As far as the dragon maybe it is a weakling or a coward and is running from the samurai. Maybe the dragon has been hunted for years, and finally thought it had a safe play to live.

The samurai will look down on Zoro, then he proves himself, or he will be overpowered and make it a goal to defeat the strongest of the samurai. I have no idea but obviously the samurai and Zoro will have an interesting encounter.

The ones being slaughtered by the samurai are either some old friends(unlikely), new associates who will attempt to ally themselves, non existent(a trap) , or have already been all defeated.

Who do yall think are the mystery losers? How will the samurai and Zoro react to each other? And how do yall think the dragon would taste?(sorry my inner Luffy took over)