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If Mr. 2 was the next Strawhat

Bonehead Skipper here and today I've decided to write a blog about my favorite for the next strawhat Mr. 2. Even though he began as a villian his relationship with the Strawhats was always good then he sacrificed himself at Impel Down. If Mr. 2 is alive I think he would make a great member because of his great relationship with the crew. Also he is as wacky as the other which would also mean he would make a great addition.

Wait a minute ... Mr. 2 is an an okama. Sanji spent to years in Kamabakka Kingdom which he considers hell and Bon Chan considers paradise. Sanji hates okama.

Do you think there is a chance that Mr. 2 could be a crew member, if so how do you think Sanji would react to him.

My guess is whenever Sanji is adoring Nami or Robin, Mr. 2 will reveal that it was really him by showing his face on their bodies which would lead to constant fights.

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