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I was just wondering will the fishman island arc be this big extravagant arc as some are hoping. In my own opinion I do not think so. I think that the fishman arc will be a short arc like the Little Garden or Jaya arc. My reasoning for this is because what do the straw hats have to do there? The will reunite with Jinbei and Hacthan then leave. To fight they will probably need bubbles like the Celestrial Dragons use. Then how will they fight under water? It has been shown that the island is incredibly deep so there is a lot of pressure and they will have to get used to fighting underwater. There are multiple fruit users in the crew so they wont be much help. The only way I see this being an important arc if is is it is like the Jaya arc. Where new characters are introduced and it is somewhere they must go to get where they want to go.(the New World) What are your opinions on this?