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There has only been one instance in which someonle other than Luffy has defeated/taken out the main antagonist of an arc and that was all the way back when the SH crew consisted of Luffy and the recently recruited Zoro. Whether or not one of his other crewmates or friends have had battles or scuffles is irrevelent. I mean a full on 1v1 battle with the main antagonist. Personnaly I would love for this to happen, I think it would be an awesome change and it would really help promote a characters development.

This blog was inspired by my theory that in Wano Zoro would take on the strongest fighter there, but after it kinda became a more broad question involving everyone. I could see in the future of One Piece some of the SH getting an arc specifically for them. Such as Wano looks to be for Zoro but with Zoro it makes a little more sense due to his strength in the crew. 

I don't know how this would come about whether it be Luffy gets incapacitated or he is just not there sorta how Sanji is doing right now, I just want to know if there will be a normally sized arc that has someone other than Luffy defeating the main antagonist? Do you guys think that it will happen eventually in One Piece?