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I was thinking about this today and decided I was going to make a blog that will most likely not be all that great, but whatever. 

If Luffy is to become a yonko in the future, which is kinda necesary, then he is going to have to have islands. Now so far in the New World Luffy has saved 2 islands and visited a 3rd. Since one of those was 'uninhabited' and now is uninhabitable I won't count that one. Assuming that Luffy will keep his promise to Big Mom and that Riku and them will be under Luffy's protection in the near future that is 2 islands that he protects. The 3rd IMO is going to be Wano but that is just something that I think.

The thing is is if Luffy takes down Big Mom won't he have to travel back to FI to 'claim' it as his own? To me FI seems like a relatively important island considering its location. So if Luffy were to defeat BM then whats to say that the other Yonko won't just take the island for themselves? Obviously we don't really know how this process works, it could be that as soon as he takes her down he automatically recieves the area she protects, the people of FI will say that Luffy protects them, or he himself actually has to travel back there to claim it.

The thing is is that Luffy has his sights set on One Piece. He has always moved forward, I think the exception being the whole Ace escapade that went down. So really my question is is would Luffy temporarily abandon One Piece for protecting an island? He has done it for his brother but would he do it to known as a Yonko?

With the rest of the Yonko, they seem to have an island that they like to hang out at or at least travel around quite a bit. It has always puzzled me why the yonko don't just go for the One Piece but thats an entirely different blog, but would Luffy do the same? While Luffy is pretty laid back he constantly wants to have adventures so to me Luffy would never just kinda chill similar to Shanks. Instead he would always push forward in his quest. 

But overall will Luffy ever go backwards in the Grand Line? Not talking about after the series is over we see him back in Goa kingdom or anything, I'm talking in series we see him at a country like alabasta, Dressrosa, FI, Water 7, etc. I think it would be really interesting to see Luffy just go to islands visiting people but with One Piece his ultimate goal i don't see it happening. 

You guys think he will? Also how do you think that island claiming between yonko happens?