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I was thinking a while back how have the SH not come across more uneaten Devil Fruits? I also don't consider Momo's DF becasue the SH actually didn't find it and likely had Momo not been there then we would have never known about it. I mean almost everyone has at least 1 or 2 people in their crew with a DF power if not more.

So where are they getting these things? Do they have to buy to find it or can you just go serching for one and run across it? I know that in the underworld you can buy some but it just seems like there are so many people that have one that it is unlikely that they were able to find enough treasure to buy that many DFs. Even the frikin Samuri have them. I don't see them paying for one either.

Look at Baroque Works for instance, Pretty much all of the higher ranks have one and thats earlier in the grandline. We are in the New World there has got to be some around. Throughout the entire series we have seen 5 in the present storyline that i can remember, the smiley fruit which they didn't even see, the mera mera no mi which was a prize, the artificial devil fruit that momo found, and the two fruits that Kalifa and Kaku ate. So all in all the SH never had one in their hands for themselves to decide who would eat it. 

Which begs another question who on the SH would eat a DF? The only people that i could see would be Usopp or Nami but even then i don't see that happening. They both have jobs that they excel at without a DF so why give them one to eat? Regardless if one of the crew members eats one or not i just want to see what they would do with it? I could see them all in a circle trying to figure out what to do with various memebers saying that they want to keep their ability to swim while Sanji tries to remeber the DF encyclopedia or something. Maybe it would be something really lame and then, like the Gomu Gomu no mi, they would have to come up with imaginative ways to use it.

Just a real quick theory maybe when Brugess tries to steal a DF or when Sabo is beating him a DF falls out of his bag and then the SH take it with them to figure it out. 

So what do you think that they would do with it or who do you think would eat it on the crew?