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Over the course of One Piece, like every manga, has had some particularly evil villians throughout. Whether they are sadistic, crazy, or just plain evil. Recently there has been some espeically evil villains. These villains have done some crazy things and it looks like they are just going to continue to get worse and worse as the Straw Hats get into the New World. 

you'd think that eventually Oda wil run out of ideas for how we can consider them to be the evilest yet in the series.  Like i said there have been many evil people in the series, but of them all who is the most evil?

Personnaly i think the front runners are Ceaser Clown (Crown), and Donquixote Doflamingo, though some others that are worth mentioning is Hody jones, Crocodile (though he turned it around a little), Enel, and Spandam. Lets compare the two shall we?

Ceaser's most evil acts:

Blowing up/destroying the original Punk Hazard and poisining most of its inhabitants

Killing countless of his own subordinates

Experimenting on children and his own subordinates

Attempted to kill the SH and the Marines using "The Land of Death"

Destroying Punk hazard for the 3rd time

Ripping off Big Mom (no one cares)

Not to mention he enjoyed doing all these things

Doflamingo's most evil acts:

Killing his Father and Brother in cold blood

Making an entire country's innocent people kill eachother and their loved ones

Using an army to do the same 

Making people forget their loved ones and turning them into toys

Essentially torturing Law by shooting him, or who he thought was Law, 11 times

Basically forcing Viola to go against her family

To me it is obvious who is more evil, Doffy has sone way worse things to more people than Ceaser and like Ceaser he was seen smiling or laughing whilst doing most of these malevolent acts. 

Who do you think is the most evil person ever in One Peice? Please let me know if i forgot someone worth mentioning! I would make a poll but i am utterly clueless on how to do that :p