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Since it seems like the Doffy fight will  be over in 1-2 chapters, I was wondering what the Sh will do at the end of the arc. I know a lot of people think it would be slightly inappropiate to party after all the emotional and physical damage of Dressrosa. So what will happen?

1: They party as per usual SH customs and during this party they are informed by Nami or Chopper that they need help with Big Mom. This would be allowed by the birdcage being down.

2: They almost immediatly leave to help the Sunny Crew but my question is whose boat do they go on? Law has his in Zou and the Sunny is with the Sunny Crew so...... I believe that they will travel with Barto for obvious reasons but i also could see them traveling in sometype of Armada with the Happo Navy, Barto, and Cavendish but to me that seems somewhat unlikely. Another possibility is that they go with Sabo.

3:They take a couple days to rest and party. Obviously, for Luffy mostly, this arc has taken a lot out of the SH and they need rest. This in turn would keep them oblivous to the Sunny Crew's problem and we would either get information on them reaching Zou or we would  see them actually fighting the Big Mom pirates (some sort of mini arc maybe). I think most of us would prefer the latter in this case. Also there would probs be some sort of catching up between Sabo and Luffy.

4: Fuji decides to try to capture the SH and they have to flee as with the aforementioned crew(s).

5: One that i can't really piece together is CP0 gets involved somehow and forces the Sh to leave so basically option 4 with CP0 instead of Fuji.

There are a few options for the end of the arc. I think the more likely one is 2 or 3 but its Oda so who knows? Questions? Comments? Concersn?