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  1. I had a thought earlier today..... the minks and wano are Seperate' from the WG right? So do you think that they would be part of the rev army?

When Dragon mentioned gathering all the leaders a guy said that they were 'weird'. I mean minks look pretty weird and neko has a pretty weird personality to boot. Even the samurai are strange to people like the strawhats so they could also be accounted in that statement.

Another thing I noticed was when neko and inu were on the cross Pedro said 'the world was waiting on them'. If they are removed from the world than why would he say that? 

I think it's a possibility that they are rev army leaders and Pedro was saying that they will help the rev army with whatever raizo has to do with wano and Jack.

What do you think. This just an idea go ahead and poke some holes or defend as you wish.