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So of all the many charaters in One Piece who would you like to fight the most? They have to be alive (No Ace) and they have to have made an apperance in the series not just mentioned (No Kaido). 

Personnaly i think any battle with Shanks in it would be awesome espiecially against Mihawk or Luffy (though Luffy isn't on his level). Another person that i would love to see fight would be Kuma just because of his odd DF powers and we really haven't seen him fight anyone that was worthy. Also another interesting idea would be a Shichibukai Vs Shichibukai like Law and Doffy but other people. Obviously Luffy Vs Akainu is gonna happen. And last but not least who does not want to see Dragon fight somebody? Really anybody because we know absolutley nothing about him whatsoever and see him go at it against someone would be awesome.

Any other fight you would like to see?