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So over the entire series i have noticed that a lot of people in the One Piece World are extremley tall, as i hope most have, and have sorta kinda seen a correlation between the hieght of a person in One Piece and the Power Level they are at. 

For Instance Whitebeard, Gol. D Roger, pretty much all of the admirals, Doflamingo, and Chinjao. While all these people are extremley large in size and height they all are all in the top tier of strength. So this has lead me to believe that the more powerful you are the larger you are, not just muscle wise, but as in height as well.

The main example i can think of is Whitebeard because in his mini flashback before he dies it shows him as a regular person. While he doesn't look young in his flashback so he has assumedly (is that a word?) stoped growing then how did he get to that size?

So basically my question is, is why are strong people so dang tall? I mean there are people over 15 ft tall in the series and they are not even Giants!! Also if this is true then why are the Straw Hats so short in comparison? I mean like really short most other characters tower over them! And I know people are going to say that is because they are pretty young, but to my knowledge you don't end up growing a couple feet after you hit 20 or so.

Another thing is that you can be tall but not necesarily be all that strong. Guys like Pica can show that quite easily but that still begs the question how in the world are they so tall. Oda could've just as easily made all the characters at least in the realm of possibibilty like 6'5 or something like that. Is it just for dramatic effect, or is there an underlying meaning in it?