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So i have been playing with this idea for awhile and just wanted to air it out. so we all know that Haoshoku Haki is a one in a million ability and that only a select few in the series have had this ability. It seemed strange to me that Don Quixote had this ability when there were no indications that his family had passed it down. While it is was sorta assumed (at least by me) because the people who have this ability tend to have powerful parentage, but people like Boa Hancock, Shanks, Whitebeard,  Mingo, and Chinjao do not have powerful parentage to our knowledge. This made me think of how they attained this power and it led me to the user "culitivating" it throughout their lives. To me it seems like pretty much every person  that we have seen their past of and has been shown using this ability or confirmed to have it has gone through some great obstacle in life and have come out stronger because of it. 

Hancock- being enslaved

Ace- upbringing and the stuff he had to endure as Rogers son

Luffy- His battles with Ace and Sabo trying to become like them

Mingo- his treatment after his father quit being a world noble

Naguri- Had to go through getting his crew demolished 

While there is only 5 people that we can say have this ability and know of their pasts we do only know of 9 people in total to have this ablilty and that is a little more than half of them. 

The only reason i really bring this up is because of all the stuff the SH's have had to go thru and now Usopp, considered weak, is showing signs of getting haki without training of any sort. Also all of the SHs have shown that they have tremendous willpower and resilience most notoably the Monster trio and usopp. Whether this correlates with having Haoshoku Haki is beyond me. But it is obvious the people with this power have strong wills as this is what most people say when first seeing them.

One thing that i have heard is that Haoshoku Haki is the first to be shown but i have my doubts just cause Luffy has always been able to dodge people who are moving at incredible speed and when he has used his "instincts" he is almost always right. While this could just be luck i like to think that almost everything that is mysterious is done for a reason.

Obviuosly i am most probably wrong but i need someone to shut me down so i can stop thinking about it. I just have this idea of everyone on the SH able to use it and my mind blows up.

So as this is about my 3rd attempt at a blog after having the others deleted plz don't butcher me :p