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So I think most of us noticed that Capone is on a Big Mom ship. If not

The translation was kinda wierd and i don't really know 100% what he was trying to say but it goes along the lines of "Looks like our friends are more active than we thought, lets bring Ceaser home." 

So this could mean a number of things

1: He is allied with Big Mom. There are several situations that are possible

  • He is readying to attack Sanji and the swirleyhats
  • Ceaser somehow got captured in the fight and the Swirleyhats escaped 
  • The SH escaped and Capone is chasing them

2: He has previously made a secret allinance with Law and is going to save the swirleyhats from Big Mom after they were captured. Meaing they lost.

Personnally i would want the first one because i would love to see a showdown of Sanji vs a Supernova cuz it would be awesome. the only thing about 1a is that it has been awhile since the Sunny Crew first encountered the Big Mom ship meaning that the fight probably already took place and they escaped or they used Coup de Burst and Capone has a plan to catch up to them.

The second one is extremely far fetched but if Capone wasn't being sarcastic about Luffy and Law being his 'nakama' then it implies some type of alliance. This would mean that Capone has boarded the Big Mom ship. The problem with this is that Capone is calm and uninjured in anyway. Like he is spotless so..... the likleyhood that BM crew is that weak is very low. Even if they aren't her direct crew.

I really want to clear this up cuz I want to know about the Sunny crew as much as everyone else. I just think it would do wonders for Sanji's image if he was able to at least clash on equal terms with a Supernova. It would be awesome and I think it is more doable than a Sanji vs Tamago/Pekoms fight.

So what do you guys think he is saying and is there more likely possibilties? Anything in particular you would rather see?