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So a lot of people think that to defeat Doflamingo, myself included, that Luffy will unveil a new attack style. sort of like 2nd and 3rd gear. So if Luffy were to do use a "4th" gear what whould it do and how would it make him stronger?

Also if u could give the Straw Hats rankings in the marines according to strength where would they be? As in what rank could they fight as of right now in the story line. I know a lot of people expected Luffy to be able to take on an admiral after the timeskip so can he? This is what i think:

Luffy- Just below an Admiral (so Vice Admiral)

Zoro- Vice Admiral

Sanji- Vice Admiral

Robin- Rear admiral

Brook- Rear Admiral

Franky- Rear Admiral


Chopper- Commodore

Nami- Commodore

I think Luffy's 'scuffle' with Fujitora sorta showed that he is fast enough but i don't think he is quite there yet. Also Zoro had quite a bit of trouble tho he was caught off guard by Fujitora's DF. As for the rest those are pretty much just approximations but i think that while the weakling trio is weak in terms of the rest of the crew they are still quite strong and can take on a lot of marine ranks. The only problem with this is that i don't think everyone has realy gone all out on anyone since the timeskip so this is pretty iffy.

P.S. just because they are on the same rank does not mean that they are as strong as the other person.