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Supernovas v, Luffy

Are any of the other supernovas even a match for luffy? 'cause from wat i've noticed so far is that the others aren't really in the same league as luffy...sure yu devils' advocates will say that kidd's bounty is technically higher but... does it really mean that he's stronger than luffy? luffy & his crew have fought way tougher battles than kidd's and luffy has even defeated 2 shichibukai (one on his own & another with his crew) and when kidd's crew defeated the pacifista, (altho they thought it was a shichibukai) they were all like *whooo* & *yea!* while luffy's crew was all like *insert that one grunt that means whatever here* and all the rest like "capone" and X drake, i jst dont see matching up to luffy.....comments please...