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So I have been following the Wikia for a while now and finally decided to join up since the last few chapters have been bugging me a lot. I am originally an Anime fan and have watched every single episode released, but now that the episodes are coming so slowly, I decided to catch up by reading the Manga. I have thought of a few scenarios and could use some opinions on them. 1. Who is the most probable next Straw Hat? (Pekoms/Pedro/Carrot/Jinbei) 2. Is it possibe that Luffy actually gets credit for dethroning Big Mom and is crowned a Yonko? 3. Can Buggy end up becoming the next Yonko? 4. Can the Straw Hats run into Crocodile on the day of the Tea Party? 5. Do the Straw Hats head off to Wano immediately after the Completion of the Tea Party incident or the crew reunites and sets off towards the Reverie? 6. And ofcourse, how many more chapters in this Whole Cake island thingy? Its really getting on my nerves now! 😭 Thanks all and cheers!