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Ive said it before that I wish that the support characters were playable so I wont go on about that. I will however talk about Chopper and Magellan.

In the game Unlimited world Red, it made use of all of choppers transformations, but in this game we are stuck with 3, one only accessible through doing a special move, Kungfu Point and Horn point, granted they are cool but I missed Heavy Point! that would of been a great move in game, but NOPE. what do I have against Magellan? his specials, there was no reason they couldn't put in his ultimate venom demon thing as a special, and no, its properties as a venom infecting everything around it isn't a reason not to include it.

Dont get me wrong, I love playing one piece Pirate Warriors While im at it... it would of been cool to see an original character drawn and designed by oda, or if not someone. its nice playing through the old story of one piece up to now, but how about the dream islands? maybe give a villain the dream deam fruit and the one piece characters are stuck there till you get S on most of the islands, with small fights with the villain himself along the way, great way to use old characters from the past to tackle the current ones, without effecting the main story.