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there is an extensive list of characters you can play as and support characters but I have always felt that they could do so well if they put out some character dlc

Bartolomeo wouldn't be too bad of a character to play as with throwing his barriers and Vivi with her peacock slashers would be a nice throw back to the past of one piece. OR how about some non canon characters? Patrick Redfield,Zephyr, Byrndi World or even PANDAMAN how cool would that be!? or even make some of the support only characters playable, I would love to play as Mr 3.

games like Mortal Kombat have done dlc characters before and from what I can see its been profitable for them, so there shouldn't be a financial reason for not doing dlc characters in the one piece game, one piece games sell FAST.

is there a character that you would like to see in one piece as playable? let us know