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  • TheRedTopHat

    Egg Egg fruit?

    December 24, 2016 by TheRedTopHat

    the yokes on Pedro if it turns out that slicing him wont work. sorry I had to.

    but in seriousness, Im curous to see what fellow one piece fans think Tomago's power is and if it is devil fruit power or not? lets say it is an egg egg fruit, what purpose would it be to have his body possess the qualities of an egg? or is it kind of like a douple ganger like with the biscuit fruit. Lets hear those theories!

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  • TheRedTopHat

    Ive said it before that I wish that the support characters were playable so I wont go on about that. I will however talk about Chopper and Magellan.

    In the game Unlimited world Red, it made use of all of choppers transformations, but in this game we are stuck with 3, one only accessible through doing a special move, Kungfu Point and Horn point, granted they are cool but I missed Heavy Point! that would of been a great move in game, but NOPE. what do I have against Magellan? his specials, there was no reason they couldn't put in his ultimate venom demon thing as a special, and no, its properties as a venom infecting everything around it isn't a reason not to include it.

    Dont get me wrong, I love playing one piece Pirate Warriors While im at i…

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  • TheRedTopHat

    there is an extensive list of characters you can play as and support characters but I have always felt that they could do so well if they put out some character dlc

    Bartolomeo wouldn't be too bad of a character to play as with throwing his barriers and Vivi with her peacock slashers would be a nice throw back to the past of one piece. OR how about some non canon characters? Patrick Redfield,Zephyr, Byrndi World or even PANDAMAN how cool would that be!? or even make some of the support only characters playable, I would love to play as Mr 3.

    games like Mortal Kombat have done dlc characters before and from what I can see its been profitable for them, so there shouldn't be a financial reason for not doing dlc characters in the one piece game, o…

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  • TheRedTopHat

    Something New

    June 20, 2015 by TheRedTopHat

    "its time I teach you something new" that has got me thinking a lot, was it just mixing the gears? no it couldn't of been, luffy knows how to mix gears already, but then again, could it be?

    Could it be a forth form of haki, he did say it falls into 3 basic types, meaning their could be more complex stuff that falls into its own rarer category, its a shonen so I wouldn't put it past them (maybe)

    What do you guys think? I really want to hear your opinions on this on what Relieh meant. could it of been hinting at a gear 5th that isnt AS taxing but more of an all round attacker. I look forward to reading your comments on this matter.

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