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So, we are apparently reaching the climax of Dressrosa, and the end of Doflamingo's rule is drawing near. Mansherry has been hinted out from the beginning, and finally made her first appearance in the supposed final ~20 chapters of the arc, just when no one cared about her. Not only that, but with a pretty impressive DF which can heal extremely rapidly any wounds.

I'm saying that I highly doubt Oda will just pull out her character to just let her end up doing nothing later on i.e. staying in Dressrosa being the lovely princess of the dwarves

I'm not implying here she's going to be the next Nakama or any shit like that, but I believe she'll stick on a bit with the them, her DF will be very useful especially if they are going to fight top tier characters next on i.e. Yonko and their commanders...

Well, we don't really know her motivations, dreams or anything important about her yet, maybe she wants to venture the sea, sick of being a princess, likes pirates, etc. And unlike other princesses (e.g. Shirahoshi, Vivi, Rebecca) she didn't have that screen time.

Your thoughts?