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  • TheRealD

    So, we are apparently reaching the climax of Dressrosa, and the end of Doflamingo's rule is drawing near. Mansherry has been hinted out from the beginning, and finally made her first appearance in the supposed final ~20 chapters of the arc, just when no one cared about her. Not only that, but with a pretty impressive DF which can heal extremely rapidly any wounds.

    I'm saying that I highly doubt Oda will just pull out her character to just let her end up doing nothing later on i.e. staying in Dressrosa being the lovely princess of the dwarves

    I'm not implying here she's going to be the next Nakama or any shit like that, but I believe she'll stick on a bit with the them, her DF will be very useful especially if they are going to fight top tier…

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  • TheRealD

    I can't really understand that. Doflamingo seems to be able to use it on hundreds of civilians, but when it comes to Luffy and Law, he doesn't (or he can't). I myself believe it has something to do with Haki. But again, pirates with notable Haki and strength like Bellamy and Sanji got rekt and controlled over effortlessly by him.

    I mean why bother with the bounty game in the first place? just manipulate the marines, the strawhats and their allies, and let them go all out fighting each other to the death.

    Another thing is Doflamingo's "Black Knight; clone" . Is there a limit for the amount of which he can produce. I mean, those clones could pretty much finish all these small fries roaming in Dressrosa, and help his executives who seem to have…

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