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ThePK December 8, 2011 User blog:ThePK

Welcome To The LEAST FAVORITE CHARACTER TOURNAMENT- Where you vote for the people that really irritate you.....

Maria Napole Anime Infobox

Calling All For a Tournament

I am going to make a list of contender lets get to about 32 bad characters and the we will have a tournament. I am going to start off and add-
  1. Spandam
  2. Mr. 7
  3. Mohji
  4. Nami
  5. S***
  6. Maria Napole
  7. Demalo Black
  8. Perona
  9. Lily
  10. Sarquiss
  11. Bellamy
  12. Kuro
  13. Hannibal
  14. St. Charloss
  15. Chopper
  16. Sadi

Comment more names and we will have some FUN!

Anything that you suggest will be put on the list!!!!!!!

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