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A large part of this blog came from Neo's (Avatar Event) Thank You

Its holiday season!!!!! And next week in the USA is thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is when people get together to be thankful for everything they have and for eachother. In order to celebrate thanksgiving we are going to use another american tradition Secrret Santas (When you give gifts to people but they dont know who you are)

If you choose to participate I will secretly assign you a User that you have to write a complement to as an AWC. Remember every contribution is important no matter how big or how small. Then afterwords We will have fun guessing who wrote us the nice complement!

If you want to participate just comment In

You will have until Saturday

Come on to chat to get your assingments or tell me your email

When you make your post please do it as an awc under a new message on their talk page and make a link here (as an awc) to the talk page to let other people see your work!

Now its guessing time

post your thought on your Santa E.G." He was a yaoi " and "it was imhungry4444"

Then I will post if you got it correct!