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Since my last blog was one piece related and was a flloooppp i will make one like i always make them!

Weird title I know but if you keep reading it will make sense!

This is to get a sense of what other people think of you. Also people make blogs that characterize people like Swim's Avatar Blog and Rici's Dark ages blog but there is never one about what you think you are. So I propose 3 categories This is meant to provide entertainment so have some fun!

  1. What people think your role is....
  2. Nicknames that people give you.... (Requested by LPK [look a nickname already])
  3. What you think your role is on the wiki

So i'll start

Warning Everything You say is being monitored

For Fun

What other people think your role is.....

Thoughts on

  • Tuckyd
    • Community Event Organizer
    • One who keeps the community pumped up
  • MDM
    • Not Useless
    • Ahooo (for noobs that means hes a great person) (for other people you will appreciate this joke)
    • Provide Girls With Moral Support
    • Post Youtube Videos on Chat
    • perv
    • The guy who changes his avatar more than his underwear
  • LPK
    • Edit Non-Cannon Articles
    • Be a Chat Mod
    • Useful
    • Mod with a HEART
    • Person on chat that wont talk to Nachy
  • Sara
    • Friend of Nacchan-San
    • Very nice friend of Nacchan-San
  • ImHungry4444
    • Hungry
  • Rici
    • Code Freak
    • Mod with a BRAIN
    • hmmn >:'))
  • Panda
    • Nice older sister MDM never had
    • Troll

Nickname Compilation

Please help by adding nicknmes in comments

  1. Tucky
  2. Tuck
  3. Gonbe Lover
  1. LPK
  1. Px
  2. PX15
  1. Nachy
  2. Nan-san
  3. Nan-Cha
  1. RICI
  2. Zub
  3. Ritz
  4. Ric
  1. Panda
  1. WOP
  2. woopie
  3. Will
  1. Weido
  2. Weird
  3. Coffee

What you think your role is on the wiki....

Tuckyd Entertainer
MDM Useless
X-Raptor Also Useless
LPK Useless x2
Sara Useless x5
ImHungry4444 The guy you need when s*** goes down (not the character the word)

(Rici is very proud of himself)

My role is that of a chat mod, that of someone who helps with codes and tables and the one that usually does the summary of the new chapters(short one) and I also check for grammar mistakes from time to time. I comment on blogs and before now when I had more time I wrote long essays, so I have kind of many roles. I also wrote predictions when I first came here and I will write one this weekend. I promise I will write a prediction this weekend!(needs to state it so he won't forget)

Panda Wannabe Rollbacker
Cocky MDM

-Heart of this wiki. -Soul of ahouness. -Source of Non-OP literatures. -Center of Comment wars. -Warrior of Invaders Clan. -Help around the corner for new members. -Wrong turn for troll who come to this wiki. -10 that rates BLS's predictions. -Reason for increase of pregnancy in Canada in past 5 years. -Batman in parties. -Soul reason of spelling and grammar mistakes disaster. -Inspiration for Sara to love Yaoi. -Support for Neo to draw more panties. -Hand that takes Panda's beers away from her cause its not good for her. -Teddy Bear that Nan-cha hugs while sleeping. -Photo that Oxford dictionary puts beside word "hopeless idiot". -Creator of Ahou blogs. -Man of among Men. -Hair stylist who invented Afro. -Man who adopted Chuck Norries. -Middle name of Epicness. -Title holder of Biggest yet useless and purposeless blog. -Love of ladies and helping hands for guys ....... I AM MDM !!! -Mindslave of Neo and Proud Slave of Love ~~

Horo-Horo A.K.A. Normal Mdm Useless
Nacchan-san Stalker xDDDDDD
PX15 The guy that only edits his own pages and comments on blogs
THT Useless x9/10 helpfull only part of the time
Sorakeyboy Self Proclaimed opinion guy
Ryu-Chan funniest, most original user who can be ridiculous at times, but some one you can actually talk to