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ThePK July 10, 2011 User blog:ThePK

The tournament will be comprized of two on two matches. there will be eight matches a day the next two days to get down to sixteen blogs! the next two days i will run the quaterfinals and semifinals and finally on the 5th day the final will begin! this is a quick tournament so be ready and here is your list of blogs!

  1. Roranoa_zoro/King_of_the_hill
  2. LuffyPirateKing/League_of_Nations
  3. Roranoa_zoro/Attention:War_On_THIS_Wikia!!
  4. Monkey.D.Me/Good_Morning_Class
  5. Whiskey13/One_Piece_Character_Tournament!_The_Final!
  6. Roranoa_zoro/Ship_of_Bigger_Fools_!_:
  7. Marcus_Junior/Ship_of_fools
  8. Monkey.D.Me/tuty
  9. Dark_Doctor/Jinbe_vs._Luffy
  10. Whiskey13/Semi_Finals!_Match_1!
  11. Ricizubi/How_long_will_One_Piece_be
  12. DancePowderer/The_Smiling_Man
  13. Blackendedsoul/Raftel_Prediction,_Compiled
  14. YountoryuuZoro_vs._Shiliew
  15. Yountoryuu/The Wikia SBS
  16. Jinbe- Would you eat an unknown devil fruit....
  17. Sanjifan-Who_is_the_most_hated_person
  18. Yountoryuu - Usopp vs. Van Augur
  19. Yountoryuu - Luffy vs. Blackbeard
  20. Tuckyd - Best Blogs of All Times
  21. DP- Days of Tears, Days of Rage
  22. DP- Enter Sandman
  23. BLS- Luffy vs. Naruto
  24. BLS- Entering the New World Prediction
  25. Roranoa Zoro- The Saga
  26. Dance Powderer- Nami Vs. Daruma
  27. LuffyPirateKing/Future_Major_Battles..
  28. Nacchan-san/Let's_Play!!
  29. Imhungry4444/Zoro vs. Sanji_Fight_Prediction
  30. ChopperFan/Website_called_ship_of_fools
  31. Roranoa_zoro/Wikial_war_Saga!!
  32. LuffyPirateKing/Tournament_:_Funniest_Straw_Hat_Pirate...

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