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Note: This blog has been created with the permission of DancePowderer

Hello! There is an old expression about putting a name to a face yet I cant quite remember it now. Anyways this blog is here to help us (well at least me) into getting to know people, About 9 months ago we had an active user count and I would like to do one again!

Comment by saying "I exist" or something of that nature and then after a while I will count up the total of active users!

Remember you exist 'cause you do. Also feel free to write about yourself a little bit in this Big Small World.

According to this blog we have 54 but I can name DP, MDM and several other people who did not comment. This number (54) represents a low count of the amount of active users as some of the users that commented on this blog are not really active. Thank you for participating in another of tuckyd's stupid blogs! XD