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the title is stupid, I know! It's a metaphor bonus points if you figure it out

Welcome to the best blogs of all time, (a year later)

This has two main parts, as it did last year

Part 1

People tell me who their favorite blogger is, for example I like AYET, DP, and Rici the best, and I will post it on the blog so we can crown a favorite blogger, you can vote as many times as you like, last year BLS won, I think

Favorites list

  • DP
    • Tuckyd

Part 2

I call this the fun part, as many of you know Whiskey13 ran last years character tournament which led to a spur of tournaments like Panda's devil fruit tournament and Calu's female tournament, yet the first was my blog tournament. Last year it was rather disorganized and such, but this year it will be more formatted and run for the month of July (hopefully). This is how it works YOU nominate blogs, that are not your own* (DP already got an exception and nominated several of his own filling the first 8 slots) and then I will approve (most likely) Any blog published before today. And then it's a normal tournament structure! 

Please link the blog in the comments


  name some of your favorite blogs in comments to enter them in the tournament.

List of blogs already in the tourney

  1. User blog:DancePowderer/Nami Vs. Daruma
  2. User blog:DancePowderer/Die, Birdie, Die!
  3. User blog:DancePowderer/656 Abridged
  4. User blog:DancePowderer/650 Abridged
  5. User blog:DancePowderer/Crazy, Not Evil
  6. User blog:DancePowderer/Nami and Brook Vs. Slime
  7. User blog:DancePowderer/Demised Pangaea
  8. (All time favorite)User blog:DancePowderer/The Smiling Man
  9. User_blog:Pandawarrior/BW:_The_Path_of_Swords
  10. User_blog:Pandawarrior/BW:_The_Three_(?)_Great_Powers

The most important thing is to have fun!