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Swim and Neo have a devil fruit and they plan to use it to ruin Tuckyd's dreams of being an Olympic swimmer.

Neo: get him manly swim

Swim: ok Neo ( in his head: neos gone crazy has she had something recently)

Neo: oh swim let's get tuckyd

Swim: ( grabs weakling tuckyd) got him

Neo: oh swim

DP: Neo stop making those remarks it's making panda and MDM uncomfortable.

Swim: while you were gone I strapped tucky to a chair.

Tuckyd: please Neo don't do this

Neo: ( shoves it down his throat ) oh tuckyd I hope it's a rabbit zoan so you can be my pet

Tuckyd: thank you Neo-swan I apprciate your kindness by giving me a devil fruit.

Lpk, MDM , and mj: what did you do to him you made him nicer!!!!!!

And thus tuckyd was given the thankful thankful no mi!

Today is thanksgiving tell the wiki what you are thankful for!

I'm thankful for Neo and Swim two people that have a very positive outlook on the wiki!

And to DP for being a first rate policeman

To starfire for saving my life countless times ( countless because it never happened )

And of course to my family for always being there for me!