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Hello! I have a question fellow OP wiki blogger senpai chin samas! (Nonrelated quote:

whaddayathink: a few of the characters in one piece seem to be related by looks or abilities. are they actually related in some way that hasnt been revealed yet?

EG: bonney and hina look the same with the pink hair and bonney got captured by akainu who said that he was glad she is back..... back where?!?!??! back to the marines and Hina's family that she ran away from???

EG: Jango and Laffitte: they both used hypnotism (laffitte said that he hypnotised the guards to open the gates that closed off the marine base in the whitebeard war), but laffitte is better at it than jango as well as having more abilites ---> maybe they trained under the same master???

duval and sanji. xD

can you think of any more??

i wish i could write more relevant stuff about current events, but im still dazed from the awesomeness of it all.