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  • TakoyakiMan

    Relationship Questions

    October 21, 2011 by TakoyakiMan

    Hello! I have a question fellow OP wiki blogger senpai chin samas! (Nonrelated quote:

    whaddayathink: a few of the characters in one piece seem to be related by looks or abilities. are they actually related in some way that hasnt been revealed yet?

    EG: bonney and hina look the same with the pink hair and bonney got captured by akainu who said that he was glad she is back..... back where?!?!??! back to the marines and Hina's family that she ran away from???

    EG: Jango and Laffitte: they both used hypnotism (laffitte said that he hypnotised the guards to open the gates that closed off the marine base in the whitebeard war), but laffitte is better at it than jango as well as having mor…

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  • TakoyakiMan

    Garp's Other Half

    May 10, 2011 by TakoyakiMan

    Hi peoples! With all this talk about Luffy's mum and all got me wondering... who would Dragon's mother be... or to be more precise; who do you think would have been ballsy awesome enough to marry Garp!??! =D

    Do you think that we will ever get to know who Luffy's grandmother is, if so, would she be any of the characters introduced so far, or do you think that this is compleeetely off from anything Oda would ever want to delve into? =)

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  • TakoyakiMan

    buggy bombs/ balls

    April 7, 2011 by TakoyakiMan

    Hi peoples, a random thought just occurred to me.... what exactly is the buggy bomb made of?.... didnt buggy say that it was a special bomb made using his devil fruit powers? how exactly does his bara bara fruit make a bomb from it? =/

    also, i cant wait to read about the history of fisher tiger and his crew ^__^

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  • TakoyakiMan

    Hey folks, heres a theory (if it hasnt been put up yet, but if it has, im sorry.... and if it has been confirmed, i am also sorry for my lack of insight) maybe Buggy will fill up one of the shichibukai seats!!! since theres spare seats up for grabs and cause he got a letter from a government bat right? i reckon that will be the invitation!! =)

    wat do you all think? =D

    ~pray for Japan, and may the the disaster end soon~

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