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  • Taeviri

    I'd like to shed a light and possibly discuss the various groups and characters (likely) present at the wedding, and who may be working with whom.

    Right now it seems like there're 4 main factions that will be making their move during the wedding: Big Mom and her loyal followers; The Straw Hats and allies; the perpetrators of Jinbe's "mysterious plot", likely Capone and whoever's working with him; and the Vinsmokes caught in the middle. Most of the members of these groups are also already clear: Big Mom has her homies, her children, and the rest of her direct crew; Luffy has the members of the rescue team, Sanji, Jinbe, and possibly Jinbe's crew; and the Vinsmokes will likely only have each other so long as they can't reach their forces.

    Of a…

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  • Taeviri

    Alright, so as the title suggests, this post is to speculate about what would happen in a confrontation between Brook's (Yomi Yomi no Mi) and Big Mom's (Soru Soru no Mi) devil fruit powers,

    Both Devil fruit powers have powers concerning the soul, with Brook's focusing on revival and -post timeskip- mastery of his own soul, and BM's focusing on control over the human soul in general. Which clearly would make for an interesting setup should one encounter the other.

    One possibility would be that the Soru Soru no Mi is superior to the Yomi Yomi no mi in a similar way to the Magu Magu and Mera Mera no Mi, as it grants control over all human souls opposed to only the owner's soul. However, it's also possible that the greater control over one's own…

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