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Life as the Pirate King

T-Drag February 12, 2011 User blog:T-Drag

Well we all know that Luffy will probably become Pirate King one day, but do we all know what he'll do when it happens? Will Luffy become bored with the One Piece and fight with random strong people (Shanks, Blackbeard, Marines, Shichibukai, etc)? Will he disband the SH crew to allow them to continue on with their dreams?

Here's another interesting thought. What will Luffy's nickname become after he gives his Straw Hat back to Shanks. What will his new epithet and Crew name be? It probably won't be Straw Hat Luffy or the Straw Hat crew, but will it be the Pirate King Luffy, and the Pirate King Crew?

What are your thoughts?

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