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In One Piece, there have been many funny moments that have occured.

An example of this, would have to be the time when the Straw Hat pirates had just left Vivi and Carue to continue on their adventure.

It starts with Zoro asking the rest of the crew why they're have lifeless responses. They reply by saying that they miss her (Vivi). Zoro then states that if they had missed her, that they should've just taken her by force. This is what they said:

Chopper: You Neanderthal.

Nami: You suck.

Sanji: Marimo.

Luffy: Santoryu.

Usopp: Hey Luffy, Santoryu isn't an insult.

Luffy: Yontoryu.

Usopp: You just added one! Listen, you know natto right? It could mean "You stink", okay?

Another funny moment was when Nico Robin had just joined the crew, and had convinced most of the crew members besides Zoro and Usopp. Usopp is having a conversation to Zoro concerning the rest of the crew. This is what they said:

Usopp: Nami's down.

Zoro: That was dirty.:

Usopp: Everything's following along right at the enemy's pace.:

*They both see Sanji praising Robin*

Zoro: And that is.... that.

Usopp: Yeah, he was a lost cause from the get-go.

Zoro: The two of us are the last remaining bastions against her.

Usopp: Yes, those weak-minded fools have failed us all.

Luffy: Oi, Usopp.

*Usopp turns around with a powerful face*

Luffy With hands sprouting out of his hat in a way that looks similar to Chopper: Chopper!

  • Usopp is on the floor cracking up*

*Zoro with an angry/pissed off face turns around and walks away*

So, which moments do you think are funny? List your top three moments.