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So the new chapter was quite.......awsome.Unfortunately,we dont get to see the Sh again, whitch gets on my nerves!In any caze, we got many information like:

1)Madame Shirley is Arlong's litle sister(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

2)Hordy IS Queen Otohime's Killer,and he paid the human to set the signatures on fire,as a distraction for Hordy to have time to shoot her.(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

3)Jinbei and Shirahoshi are caught by Hordi,as well as all the three Princes.

4)Shirahoshi already new that the killer was Hordi(!!!

5)there are 30.000 human slaves in Fishman island,all kept by the corrupted fishmen,and 70.000 corrupted fishmen from fishman district(!!!)

6)Decken DID throw the "arc",the giant ship "Noir",at Shirahoshi.Knowing that Noir is as big as Half of Fishman island, someone wil have tostop it or all will die...

7)(random)In the cover,we see Mr. 9 and Miss Monday are one happy bounty hunting family, with a baby.

And now, sad new........Oda is we wont have a Obne piece next chapter X(

Get wel (G)oda sensei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!