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As of Episode 617,the after timekskip story has started!

On the first episode of New Worlds Saga,we see Luffy picking up his signature Hat,which he left for two years.He then protects Margaret for some of the beasts,showing that he is now the boss of the island.That is a first hit of his Haoshoku.

The New opening was mediovre....i expected more.Sure the clips was awsome,but i did nto really like the Song..........Ichi ni shunshine yon....WE GOOOOO!(one two sunchine(pun on san whin is three and sun) four wee goooo!)

The new clip break clips were agian a dissappointment in the manner that there is only one with a wodden wall,a fade light and the straw hat on a table.The straw hat's shadows are seen on the wall as they're walking(or running something between those),and luffy pics up the hat.Then they use something nice.Remeber in Opening 14 in the end that all the SH where under sunny in a pose?Well make the sh after-timeskip and you have that(<--------didi not describe the whole thing well)

As for the episode it self....I loved it! i can say that the start was really good!im not gonna narate the whole ep,so im just gonna put a link for those who dont know where to whatch OP.........(weired huh?)

One more thing though.............Why does our felow Kazuki Yao have 4 characters!!!?!!? I mean,he began with Jango,then Got Bon Kurei Mr2,then he got Franky........and they were all Hentai indeed........But why fake Sogeking..........oh well,i hope he gets even more roles,cause h'es amazing in his work! SUPAAAAAAAA!!

Also, i liked that in the opening the showed all owners of the Straw Hat....a young Rogerm\, a young and then older shanks,a Kid and then young and then after-timskip luffy.

Ok so that's about it guys.......The episode can be watched here :

See ya,Swim(btw im thinking of becomign the official wiki blogs episode reviewer....)