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OK So Swim here! I cant help but notice..........that the current community state is like OP in sabondy till After sabondy

1)New users start coming here(there have neen MAAAANY new users in the last 2 months)-like the rookies gathering in sabondy

2)Suddelny,a war comes(the "invasion") with the marines(ponies) victors

3)The rookies now prepare for a new chalenge,to head into the new world

Now this is where we come in.Do you guys want to be like the supernovas?Will we make a new era for us? Or will just the older users be like:"i miss the old good blogs,but we cant do anything,we've talked about everything......"

It's time to change that.The new users,the new minds have many thigns to offer.

So if you really wanna change somthing,do it.Find interesting ideas and post them.And dont tell me that All those succesfull blogs,from all these users are there,and you cant even think of one nice thing!

List of users that missed the "Good" era( the names on the list are in order of priority.Vote first,be First)

Swim(just by a little) Marimo






OK so.Make us proud.I myslef am here 5 months,so i kinda missed the good good blog by a bit,but i know what a goo blog is,i've seen many

Remeber! No power blogs,they olny are good for flame wars,and i general,no stupid like that blogs!

Do a prediction! Do a tournament maybe! Do a funny thing! Share your ideas and opinios of OP!

And ofc,older users!!You too! Think about good Blogs,and make your own!

So there.Not trying to be anything big here.Just trying to motivate the wiki community to become more.......Motivated,more nice!

Off we go!