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Ok so i got two questions bout rokushiki

1) who is master for each techinque? (not nessasary for everyone to be master of smthing,and some can be the same)


Kaku:Rankyaku(amanedachi,ran and the chibi hands thing-3 of the most powerfull rankyakus,with amanedachi the most of all)

Jyabura: tekkai(tekkai kenpo)

Kumadori:shigan (hair thing)

Fukuro:Geppo( i just think he is good at it)

now bout the rest i dont know you tell me

now then

2)why do you neee to master all 6 rokushiki to do rokuogan? where do they contirbute???

I think

Tekkai:to do it you must have strong muslces,and with that power you can launch it

Soru:it gives you speed and maybe the trick is moving hands really fast along with pother things

Geppo:maybe doing a geppo from hands?

Shigan:with shigan you basicly have the techinque for rokuogan but less destrucitve for both user and victim

Kami-e:totally useles????

Rankyaki:just maybe cause of big feet power,gives you stability so you can use it

If you sit down and thing bout it........................................rokuoga isnt that much combined to rokushiki!!!!