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Yo! Swim here! I was reading the last chapter again( 654-GAM) and i noticed somthing.

I'll take it from the start.As he originally saw,Zoro,when he first used his flying attack,one salsh was worht 36 pounds (as in cannon pounds).3 were worht 108,as logical.Then,against the Aqua Laguna,he doulbed it and added een more,taking it to 3 swords=300 pounds.

But now check this

as we can see,he used ittoryu and fired a 360 pound cannon.That means that his power has grown tenfold (10x),and only for a fish.

So it makes me wonder,what would his power of flying be against a serious opponent?

Also,given the opportunity,tell me who you think has made the most power progress in the 2 years.

I would vote for Sanji and Chopper.Sanji is a leg fighter,and running for at least a year straight (lol straight) makes a leg fighter amazingl more powerfull.Also,chopper was a complete weakling,as we saw in for example Chopper vs Kumadori,but now not only he doesnt need Rumble,but he controls a form first seen from a Zoan.

In general,everyone advanced amazingly much.But i think that those two,along with Zoro got the most rise in power.Maybe luffy too cause of Haki.,,,,,and maybe Usopp,robin,nami,franky and brook XD.