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YO! your favorite Roger here,Swim!! (evebn though the ROger himself is better)

Im here to give you.....our ministry for our one piece country!!!!

So if you want to participate,say what you wanna be and you got it!!

President/rime minister of the OW-DP

Vice president of the OW-Roa -the long lost god-

Minister of Ahoness-MJ

Minister of Pervness and Aho'os-MDM

Minister of Grammar Protection-Rici

Minister of good Theme bolgs-Neo

Minister of good blogs that-bring-us-together-Tucky'd

Minister of Predictions-BLS

Minister of PRing-Marimo

Minister of Avatar-LPK

Minister of Comics-Ryu

Minister of Trolling-Hungry

Minister of Wiki ruining-Panda )for the war XD)

Minister of Snipers-FD

Minister of Newcomer welcoming-Swim (i do have that)

So start sayign what you are.and let's start RPING!!!!!!

-Think of this as another "good morning class-