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Ok so i'm here with my first predicion !!!

so i noticed smting during the alabasta arc. Zoro tells Chopper that everyone has their own dreams,but follow Luffyto fullfil i wondered how each one of them is going to end. PREDICTION TIME!

Luffy--race to raftael against his rival(s), become king and them there are two roads.1st-take the road the Roger Pirates did or 2- keep their lives and spend time as the red haired pirates

Zoro--will beat the world's strongest sworsman, and keep following Luffy until the end of their adventures

Nami--Draw map of the world,master navigation and follow Luffy

Usopp--visit Elbaf, face his father for the title of the King of the snipers, follow Luffy

Sanji--find all blue,cook the best food in the world,and(gues what!)follow Luffy

Chopper--here got an intresting one:Luffy will catch the disease that Roger caught,and he will cure it(or Gear Second will start taking it's toll on Luffy, and Chopper will cure him). Another simple one is that he will find the Medicine for every disease in the world

Robin--really simple: find the true history.of course, there will also be smthing with the revolutionaries

Franky--he'll make the sunny the ultimate ship with the technology he found in the island he was

Brook--will visit Laboon(this is also a goal for Luffy, since he neads to finish the match with him).Also, he will do somthing with music

Now for the next crewmates,we'll have to wait and see

Hope you liked and agreed with them,and comment if you have any other ideas