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Ok so after chapter 646......i needed to redo my old blog

ok so ill just say what i think will happen now.what i mean is since we got a general idea,i will not write that,i will write what i think will be their Max potential

Luffy:ok so simple:the last boss (for me bb) will get a haki imbued jet elephant gattilg right up to the face POW!

Zoro:this one is too overpowered,so he didnt have to use anything new.what i think will happen,is that his style is the same as before,but wither he is just overpowered,either he will use Asura easilly abnd way better,or he will show us somthing copletly new.

Sanji: FULL DIABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! niff said.Now this is too dangerous.If we thouhg Diable jambe was good.This is gonna rule.Oh and,somthing i wanna say.Sanji IMO got the best training of all.If you are a leg fighter and you run run run for (i dont thnik he ran till the end) le't say1.5 years NONSTOP,then your legs will be EXTRMELY MORE BUFF

Usopp"':good use of impact dial,and pop greens.I can see future in those pop greens

Chopper: CHOPPER SMASH! GUAH! seriously though,really what we put the bar for him.Everyone said(as i said in b4 blog) MOster point control.The end.He just became good

Franky: BEAAAMU! BEAMU BEAMU BEAMU BEAMU! really good.I though he was gonna go coup the vent,but this one is a coup de venmt laser style!

Brook: damn it.He was too epic.Ice yahasu giri...........but w8...NO YAHASU GIRI???????? first, quinto fantasia,and now Glancing song Blizzard cut.Xept IF! it is actually hanauta (glancing), (blizzard) giri! OW YEAH YAHAZU GIRI IS BACK!

Now thn for nami and Robin srry but nothing for you.Robin yeah she got a clone as we wanted.I really cant think of smthing form them.For Robin,she is powerufll,but she is..........assasin.One strike and you're out.Not like the others.I dont like that.For her to go with logner battles,she would have to turn to Shin's version of her fruit.For nami nothing.I dont wanna X(

so there you go.Tell us your ideas now!